Empathy Project

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Empathy project is a band from Saint Petersburg, created by two young talented musicians: multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Dmitry Vasilyev and vocalist Alexandra Kurkova. The band has vast repertoire: from mainstream jazz interpretations of the 30s to modern original musical pieces, which incorporate folk, fusion, indie-rock and contemporary jazz. Such diversity makes the band very attractive for both demanding lovers of classical jazz and listeners of contemporary improvisatory music. Carefully chosen musical material, its intellectual interpretation and the musicians’ professionalism in performing – all these things make Empathy Project a bright phenomenon among jazz bands of Saint Petersburg.

Normally, when giving original and contemporary music concerts, the band uses the name “Empathy project”. However, when playing jazz mainstream, the band appears on stage using the name “Empathy Jazz”.


Alexandra Kurkova — vocal
Dmitry Vasiliev — vocal, double bass etc.
Grigory Bazhanov — piano, keys
Denis Kaverznev — drums, percussions
Victor Arkharov — woodwinds
Semen Klimenok — guitars


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