Jazz mainstream program of the band has become iconic for Saint Petersburg. It is played in Jazz Philharmonic Hall (the birthplace, museum and temple of classical jazz in Saint Petersburg), many other jazz clubs, in the streets, in palaces and gardens, festivals, city fests, in cozy cafes and from the Neva River, while hundreds of little boats are looking forward to opening bridges.
Jazz is a flexible culture of improvisation. That is why it allows to vary the musicians and make Empathy Jazz either chamber duo or full sextet, depending on the event.
The jazz direction was a priority in 2011 when the band was created. Just like many other beginner bands, Empathy-jazz (the band’s name in those times) chose their favorite jazz pieces and enthusiastically presented their first adaptations to the audience. But time goes by quickly, and now jazz hits shine from stage, demonstrating their unique gracefulness and accurate finishing. Original pieces are born and developed, too. Partly they remain in the abundant niche of classical jazz and partly flow in a different direction, forming contemporary original program.



· Jazz Philarmonic Hall (constant residents)
· JFC Jazz Club
· Jaanikirik concert hall
· Glavclub
· The Palace of Culture named after Maxim Gorky (Dvorets Kul’tury Im. Gor’kogo)
· Jazz Club “Dom 7”
· White Hall of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
· Sheremetev Palace
· Art Square
· «The Place»
· Jazz Bar «48 Chairs» (“48 Stul’yev”)
· Small Hall named after Glazunov of SPb Conservatory
· Oak Hall of Rumyantsev Mansion
· Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace
· Palace of the students of St. Petersburg
· Multifunctional theatrical venue Skorohod.
· House of Friendship of the Leningrad Region
· Birzha Bar
· Cultural center Vynilla Sky
· Art-Café “Coffe House” (“Kofeynyy Domik”) in the Summer Garden
· “Space” (Kosmos) roof
· Small Hall of the Palace of Culture named after Maxim Gorky (Dvorets Kul’tury Im. Gor’kogo)


Festivals and contests

• «GNESIN-JAZZ» (Moscow, prize winners)
• «Autumn marathon» (SPb, prize winners)
• «Suquet Musical Nights» (Cannes, France)
• «Petro Jazz» (SPb, Russia — Tallinn, Estonia)
• «Usad’ba Jazz» (SPb)
• «25 years Jazz Philharmonic Hall» (SPb)
• «Museum night» (SPb)
• «Serenades of Vyborg Castle» (Vyborg)
• «SIL – Sovremennoye Iskusstvo Ludiam» (“Contemporary Art for People”) (SPb)
• «Arpha-Vita» (SPb)
• «Gorod Masterov» (“The City of Craftsmen”) (SPb)
• «The Festival of Floating Umbrellas» (SPb)
• «Violin on Nevsky» (SPb)
• «Big Sky» (Moscow)
• Show “Mir” (“The world”)